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Product benefits

  • Provide a durable,flexible,seamless waterproofing tanking system
  • Suitable for application & provides good adhesion to substrates
  • Provides waterproofing system where Ceramic Tiles etc, can be fixed directly, using Belle's range adhesive
  • User friendly, less time consuming and cleaner

A 3 component  accrylic type  waterproofed tanking system  suitable for application onto drywall system

•Two component, waterproof tanking system comprising of; BELLE WPC COATING 
 a light blue,ready-mixed coating, based on Styrene Butadiene Polymer which 
 sets to form a durable waterproof or vapour proof film; BELLE WPC PRIMER, 
 a water-based primer for preparation of substrate prior to application 
 of coating.

Product Features

Technical Data

•Application Temperature : Above 5⁰C
•Touch dry time : WPC PRIMER 10-15 Minutes WPC COATING 1 - 2 hours
•Setting Time : 24 hours
•Dry Film Thickness : 1mm


Printable Product Document (PDF)

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

Send or download the documentation

You can either send the documentation to en-email address, or download it.

Preparation & Application


•Surface to be applied with BELCEM WPC must be dry, sound,
 flat & free of contaminants.
•No on-site mixing required. Stir BELCEM WPC Coating & Primer before use,
 in case of settlement of solids.
•Apply 1 coat of BELCEM WPC Primer throughout area that is to be applied with
 BELCEM WPC Coating.Primer dries within 10 - 15 minutes, after which
 BELCEM WPC Coating can be applied.
•Apply a liberal coat of BELCEM WPC Coating along cracks, joints,
 junctions or corners (or areas of potential movement) using brush or roller.
 Apply at approx. thickness of 0.6mm.
•Work in small areas of approx. 1.5 m2 at a time. Apply at approx.
 thickness of 0.6mm.
•After the First Coat of BELCEM WPC Coating had become
 Touch Dry (Approx. 1 - 2 hours),the Second Coat can be
 applied over it from a right angle. Two coats of
 treatment are essential for optimum waterproofing results.
•Ensure that BELCEM WPC Coating is consistently applied,
 filling all pores, pinholes or voids.Extra care must
 be taken when applying to joints, cracks, junctions or corners.
•For concrete, renders & screeds substrate it is sufficient to just incorporate
 matting along cracks, joints, junctions or corners.
•To obtain an effective waterproof tanking system, the BELCEM WPC System must be employed
 throughout the floor areas, with a wall upturn of between 300 - 600mm.

Self Life & Storage

•12 months after manufacturing date when stored unopened in dry  condition of normal ambient temperature.

Type of usage

provides waterproof protection to both wall and floor of :

•Domestic Shower / Toilets / Ablution
•Commercial Shower / Toilets/ Ablution
•Laundry Areas


Depending on nature & flatness of surface,

at wet thickness of 1.1mm (dry thickness 0.6mm); 1.1 ltr(1.2 kg) of BELCEM WPC COATING will cover approx. 1m². The wet thickness must be applied in 2 separate coats to comply to CP102/1973 (Code of Practice for protection of water from the ground)

BELCEM WPC PRIMER - Approx. 15m²/ltr


Belcem WPC Coating-5kg plastic container
Belcem WPC Primer-1 ltr Plastic container


25 kg