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Product benefits

Ready to use transparent, thin liquid solvent based impregnator for water repellent protection for stone surfaces. Suitable for top & bottom surfaces.

•Reduces water permeability of treated surfaces; 
 therefore eliminate developments of water stains, prevents water / moisture  seepage.
•Protects trated surface from weathering.
•Minimize the appearance of efflorescence on both surfaces & joints.
•Seals & protects against staining or discoloration.
•Allows easier maintenance of treated surface by allowing 
 easier removal of graffiti, grmes, dirt, dust etc.
•Unaffected by ultra violet rays.
•Easy to apply using brush, cloth or roller.
•Fast drying and able to support foot traffic within 24 hours.

Product Features

Technical Data

•Application Temperature : 5-30⁰C
•Touch dry time : Approx. 2 hours (depending on substrate porosity)
•Cure Time : 24 hours
•Flash Point (ASTM D56) : 35⁰C
•Density : 0.77 kg / ltr


Printable Product Document (PDF)

Technical Data Sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet

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Preparation & Application


•Stir BELCEM AQUA SEAL well, before use. No further dilution is required.
•Surface must be dry, sound, flat/true & free of contaminants.
•Preliminary testing on small trial areas is important to determine coverage
 and compatibility if BELCEM AQUA SEAL with the materials to be treated.
•Do not apply on damp or wet surfaces and during wet weather conditions.

•Apply to the underside, edges (4 sides) followed by the top surface.
•Apply evenly with a brush, cloth or roller, ensure that
 thin even coats are applied.
•Applied as a single coat treatment. Certain materials may require
 two or more coats for effective water repellent result.
•Generally, low porosity (dense) material normally required
 1 - 2 coats treatment; porous material required two or more treatment coats.

•Where a second coat is required, allow first coat to impregnate into
 the Natural Stone Slab, within 30 - 60 minutes, before applying the second coat in similar manner.
•The second coat must be applied wet on wet; before first coat dries out or fully cure.
•1 - 2 hours after application of final coat,buff off (polish) any residue of
 BELCEM AQUA SEAL on the top surface by a clean dry absorbent cloth.
•Achieves maximum properties in 5 days.

•Treated Natural Stone Slab should only be installed after 24 hours.
•Adequate protection from weathering & traffic must be provided
during application and while BELCEM AQUA SEAL had yet to cure.

Self Life & Storage

•12 months after manufacturing date when stored unopened in dry condition of normal ambient temperature.


On cementitious substrates (moderate water absorption) it is approx.
0.30 - 0.40 ltr/m2/coat. Less quantity will be required for low water absorption
substrates but slightly more for high water absorption substrates. 
Normally further coats require about 0.10 - 0.20 ltr/m2/coat based on
wet-on-wet application. However the number of treatment coat required will
vary depending on porosity level of substrate.


1,5 & 20 Ltrs


 Available in 1, 5 & 20 ltr steel container.