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Product benefits

  • Suitable for use at dry or Wet areas,internal or external areas including areas under immersion of water (swimming pool,water tank etc)
  • Enhances adhesion strength, Abrasion Resistant, Frost Resistant,Durability.
  • Reduces Water Permeability Reduces Drying Shrinkage,Reduces Surface Dusting, Minimizes Efflorence & Improved Workability.

High Solid content, Multi purpose Styrene Butadiene Polymer  for a variety building application

Product Features

Technical Data

•Application Temperature : Above 4⁰C - 50⁰C
•Pot Life (Slurry Bond Coating) : Approx 1 hour at 25⁰C


Printable Product Document (PDF)

Technical Data Sheet

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Preparation & Application

Substrate Preparation

• Substrate must be dry, sound, flat/true & free of contaminants.


•Slurry Bond Coat (Bonding Agent) :                            

▪1 part by weight(p.b.w) BELBOND SBR : 1.5 p.b.w Cement. Brush bonding agent onto the concrete surface with a stiff brush at approx, 1mm thick.
▪Apply rendering/screeding mortar, while the bonding agent is till wet or tacky.

•Additive for Cement-Sand Renders & Screeds :

▪Cement-Sand Mortar (for rendering/screeding) can be mixed with BELBOND SBR to replace or partially replace gauging water.
▪A standard mix of 50kg Portland Cement to 150-200kg sand (1 : 3-4) will required approx. 10-15 ltrs of BELBOND SBR 

•A combination of Slurry Bond Coating & Additive for Cement-Sand Renders & Screeds :

▪This Combined technique is usually required for rendering & screeding of swimming pool shells where the concrete is dense,impervious, waterproofed & where maximum water resistant is desirable.
▪Should be used where high hydrostatic pressure or loading is anticipated.

•Primer for Building Boards & Vinyl Tiles:

▪Surface should be primed with a layer of neat BELBOND SBR, allow primer to dry for 10-15 minutes.

•Patch Repair of Cracked Concrete :    

▪Saw cut along cracks to crete a "V" shape groove of sufficient depth.
▪Clean joints of contaminations.
▪Apply a layer of Bonding agent, followed by immediate patching with a 1 : 3-4 cement-sand mortar modified with BELBOND SBR.

•Additive for Plaster (& Bonding Agent) :

▪Slurry Bond Coat : 1 p.b.w BELBOND SBR : 4 p.b.w water & 9 p.b.w plaster 
▪Dampen surface before applying slurry bond coat in the approve manner.
▪Additive in Plaster : 2-4 ltrs BELBOND SBR with approx.50kg plaster and apply the plastering mix, while slurry bond coat is still wet/tacky.

•Plaster Primer:    
▪1 p.b.w BELBOND SBR : 4 p.b.w water, brush onto the finished plaster coat.

•Steel/Metal Protection:     
▪1 p.b.w BELBOND SBR : 1.5 p.b.w Portland Cement (similar to Slurry Bond Coat).
▪Brush apply over steel bars,metal plate.

•Light Duty Waterproofing/Damp Proofing :
▪1 p.b.w BELBOND SBR : 1.5 p.b.w Portland Cement. 
▪Brush apply 2 coat (Second Coat to the right angle to the first coat)

• Bonding Agent on Steel / Metal (Direct Tiling) :
▪1 p.b.w BELBOND SBR : 1.5 p.b.w Ordinary Portland Cement or 1 part by ▪volume (p.b.v) BELBOND SBR : 1 p.b.v BELLE Cement-Based Adhesive 
▪Mix to a thin slurry consistency.
▪Brush onto Steel / Metal surface.
▪Allow to set for 24 hours. Fix Ceramic Tiles using BELCEM FLEXI.

Self Life & Storage

•12 months after manufacturing date when stored unopened in dry condition of normal ambient temperature.


•Neat Primer : Approx. 12m² per ltr (1 coat)
•Slurry Bond Coat : Approx. 3m² per ltr (1 coat)
•Additive for Cement-Sand Mortar (Render / Screed) : At 10 ltrs to 50kg Portland Cement : 150-200kg washed sharp sand mix - Approx. 0.8m² per ltr at 12mm thick layer
•Additive for Plaster : Approx. 5m² per ltr at 12mm thickness (2 ltrs per 50kg Plaster)
•Additive for Plaster : Approx. 5m² per ltr at 12mm thickness (2 ltrs per 50kg Plaster)
•Damp Proofing / Waterproofing : Approx. 1.5m² per ltr (2 coat)


1,4 & 25 Ltrs

Type of substract/surface

Concrete, Cement-Sand Render/Screed, Sheets & Boards incl Vinyl, Steel/Metal and Patch Repair of Cracked Concrete Additive for plaster,
Steel Metal Protection,light duty waterproofing, Bonding Agent on Steel/metal (direct tiling)


  • Available in 1, 4 & 25 ltrs plastic containers.