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Customer service

Weber provide different type of customer service to help customer in their daily routine & business This will ensure the customer satisfaction when using Weber product.

Pull-Out Test

Weber provide Pull-Out test to customer at job side upon customers request. In situ pull-out test on tiling can determine the product bonding strength performance ate site. The test can be done at 7, 14 or 28 days.

Job Site Supervision

We also provide random  job site supervision during the progress of tile fixing, grouting, waterproofing and plastering work. The site supervision is to ensure that the product is used according the manufacturer recommended specification & applied according the best practice stipulated in the standard or method statement. For further details , please  contact Customer Service Contact Detail

e-mail : YaMun.Chong(at)saint-gobain.com
Tel : 03-6038 9094/9084
Fax : 03-6038 9507

Weber Technical Advisory Centre/Technical Specification

At Weber we provide customer with a technical advisory center where customer can get instant answers on technical matters including the specification , the usage of the product or even enquiries on general tiling & construction problem. On the technical specification , Weber provide a complete Method Statement for tiling and other product installation  system. For enquiries on technical matter  or request of the Method Statement, 

Please call our Assistant Marketing / Technical Manager at AhmadWazir.Alias(at)saint-gobain.com or 0193292900 /

NorAfifi.NorAriffin(at)saint-gobain.com or 011 2114 7602

Weber R&D Services

At Weber R & D services, we provide services such as color matching for special color grout, site sample composition lab analysis for  product complain & product performance analysis & testing.

Customer Service Contact Detail

Kuala Lumpur, North Malaysia & Penisular Malaysia
•e-mail : YaMun.Chong(at)saint-gobain.com
•Tel : 03-6038 9094/9084
•Fax : 03-6038 9507

Penang & South Malaysia
•e-mail : YapPoay.Tan(at)siant-gobain.com
•Tel : 04-626 2830
•Fax : 04-626 2106