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Product benefits

  • Affords protection against contact with corrosive chemicals.

 Multi colored, Chemical & water proofed epoxy resin based grout.


  • Minimizes growth of fungus, algae, mould and baceria on grout surface.
  • Enable tile joints to be easily maintained in sterile conditions.

Product Features

Technical Data

•Application Temperature : Above 5⁰C - 40⁰C
•Working time (Pot Life) : 45 minutes at 30⁰C
•Setting Time : 24 - 48 hours
•Joint Width : 3 - 10 mm wide.
•Mix Proportion : 1 pbw Liquid to 4 pbw Filler (As Per Ratio Supplied) 


Send or download the documentation

You can either send the documentation to en-email address, or download it.

Preparation & Application



Step 1

•Allow adhesive bed to set 24 hours before grouting commences.

•Ensure that joints are dry, clean or free of contaminants.

•Stie Liquid well before use to disperse Colour Pigments.

•Mix Filler into Liquid as per the recommended mix ratio (or As Supplied). Mechanical mixing is recommended to obtain a uniform coloured paste.

Step 2

•Apply grout into joints using a grout float / rubber squeegee / steel spatula, ensuring joints are fully compacted with grouting mortar.

•Avoid spreading throughout tile surface.

Step 3

•Clean excess or residue grout promptly using a damp cloth or sponge;before it dries out.

Step 4

•When grout is sufficient firm, polish tile surface with a clean dry cloth to remove grout film / haze.

•Allow grout to set for 24-48 hours.

Self Life & Storage

•12 months after manufacturing date when stored unopened in dry condition of normal ambient temperature.

Type of usage

  • For use in commercial, industrial and domestic location, where chemical resistance & maintenance of hygiene and bacteriological sterility are important.
  • Recommended for installation subjected to steam cleaning.
  • Not recommended for use with soft glazed decorative ceramic wall tiles or those with metal decors or lustre.


1kg & 5 kg (2 components)


Tile SizeJoint Width  Approx. Coverage
50 x 50 x 5.0mm     3mm0.84kg / m²
108 x 108 x 8.0mm    3mm0.62 kg / m²
108 x 108 x 8.0mm    6mm 1.24 kg / m²
150 x 150 x 8.0mm    3mm0.45 kg / m²
150 x 150 x 8.0mm    6mm0.90 kg / m²
300 x 300 x 8.0mm    3mm0.34 kg / m²
300 x 300 x 8.0mm    6mm0.67 kg / m²
200 x 200 x 8.0mm    3mm0.22 kg / m²
200 x 200 x 8.0mm    6mm0.45 kg / m²