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Grouting on tile

Weber provide variety type of color grout to minimum joint 3mm to maximum joint 15mm and suitable for different tpe of tile and natural stone.


Use Neat Cement (OPC Cement) as grout

  • Use of neat cement  or pure OPC cement only when grouting tile joints.
  • The correct traditional specification for tile joints is using cement with fine sand.
  • Beside effecting functional aspect, using neat cement will also effect the aesthetical aspect

Crack line & Staining

  • Neat OPC cement is rigid material and it is not suitable to be used as a tile joint material .
  • The OPC cement will crack if there is a reversible movement between the tiles.
  • It is not suitable to fill a wider joints as it will crack. 
  • The OPC cement material is very porous material which allow penetration of water & contaminants and will easily stained.



1.After finished installing the tiles, 
   remove the excess adhesive from the 
   joints before it starts to harden. 
   Remove the excess material 
   using a scrapper. 

2.Let the tiling work to cure for 
   at least 24-48 hour before 
   commence on grouting work. 

3.Dampen the concrete, block and 
   render wall to reduce water suction.

4.Choose the suitable color grout with 
   the tile finishes. For joints up to 
   3mm joints - use Belcem Fine Grout 
   and for joints up to 6mm - use 
   Belcem F & W grout. Mix Belcem Fine Grout  
   or Belcem F & W Grout with  
   Clean Water for dry areas.For wet areas 
   it is recommended to use with 
   Belcem GT Mix to replace gauging water. 
   Mechanical Mixing is recommended

5.Check the grout mix property 
   ie. non slip, non slump 

6.Apply  the color grout into the tile joint 
   using a rubber squegee or a grout float.
   Apply the grout at a diagonal angle.
   Ensure that the joints are filled & 
   compacted with color grout.

7.Clean  the excess tile color  
   grout with sponge or damp cloth.

8.Let the grout cured for 24 hours 
   before open for normal use. 

Solution with the following weber products

Solution 1


Multi colored, water resistant, compressible cement based fine grout


Coloured, water resistant, coarse(sanded) cement-based grout.


Multi colored, hydrophobic water repellent, compressible Anti fungus, Improved cement based grout


Multi colored, Chemical & water proofed epoxy resin based grout

Solution 2


High Solid content, Water based emulsion polymer admixture for use with Belcem Cement based grout